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Tape Coercivity Matters

Make Sure That Your Degausser Can Handle the Job!

Coercivity Levels of Tape Media

What is Coercivity?

Coercivity is the resistance of the particles to having their position changed. As tape capacities increase, the bits get more tightly packed and the magnetic forces between them become more intense.

Capacities for tape increase as manufacturers develop new materials and compounds that allow tapes to have higher coercivity levels. This allows for better magnetic properties which means more storage capacity.


This increased coercivity that allows for greater storage capacity also means that it will take more degaussing strength to destroy this data when the tapes. If you are handling tape degaussing on your own, PLEASE make sure that your degausser meets or exceeds the coercivity level of the tape formats you are working with:

9-Track Reel-to-Reel 300 Oe
TK50, TK70 350 Oe
3480, 3490E 520 Oe
SLR1, SLR2, TR-1,
DC2120, DC6150, DC6525
550 Oe
SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, TR-3,
DC9100, DC9120, ID-1
900 Oe
Mammoth 8mm, AIT-1 8mm,
VXA-1 8mm
1320 Oe
M2 Mammoth 2 8mm,
VXA-2 8mm 230m
1350 Oe
AIT-2 8mm, AIT-3 8mm 1382 Oe
SAIT-1, SAIT-2 1400 Oe
Redwood SD-3 1515 Oe
DLTtape III, DLTtape IIIXT 1540 Oe
DD-2 19mm 1550 Oe
DTF-1 1579 Oe
DDS1: 4mm 60m, 4mm 90m 1590 Oe
D8: 8mm 112m, 8mm 160m, 1600 Oe
DDS2 4mm 120m 1750 Oe
AIT-4 8mm 1759 Oe
DD-2 QD (Quad Density) 19mm 1850 Oe
DLTtape IV, DLTtape VS1, NCTP 1850 Oe
SuperDLTtape I 1900 Oe
DDS3 4mm 125m 2250 Oe
DTF-2 2300 Oe
DDS4 4mm 150m,
DAT-72 4mm 170m
2350 Oe
DAT-160 (DDS-6) 2387 Oe
SuperDLTtape II 2600 Oe
DLTtape S4 2650 Oe
SLR24, SLR32, TR-4 900 Oe
ADR-30, ADR50, ADR2-120 900 Oe
Magstar MP: 3570-B,
3570-C, 3570-C/XL
1625 Oe
Magstar: 3590, 3590E 1625 Oe
9840, T9940 1625 Oe
TR-5, TR-7 (Travan 40GB) 1650 Oe
SLR40, SLR50, SLR60,
SLR75, SLR100, SLR140
1650 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 1 1850 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 2 2150 Oe
Enterprise 3592,
T10000 (T10K)
2500 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 3 2600 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 4 2710 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 5 2700 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 6 (MP) 2850 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 6 (BaFe) 2280 Oe
LTO-Ultrium 7 2850 Oe