Obsolete Technology Piling Up?

Convert Those Retired Assets Into Shiny New Toys

Asset Buyback Programs

Turn Those Retired Assets Into New Equipment!

Performing a technology refresh and need help decommissioning the old assets? Or even better – do you want budget help to PAY for the refresh?

Are you sitting on a mountain of old tapes that contain data outside of your retention policy? Do you even have drives that can still read those tapes?

With mounting compliance pressure for data security, holding retired assets that contain unnecessary data has become a liability.

We Can Help

We will help you identify assets or components that may have remarket value and provide any teardown or data eradication services needed to ensure that the assets can safely be removed from your facility.

Once complete we can issue you a Technology Credit, letting you turn those retired assets into new tapes, disks, or hardware – whatever you have in mind.*

Flex Your Budget

Use Technology Credits to offset or even smooth out your budget without having to deal with the hassle of your internal budget or procurement approval process.

Reduce or Eliminate Off-Site Storage Fees

Trying to get out from under a contract for off-site storage? Use our Tape Buyback Program to bring those tapes out of the vaults, and then use the Technology Credit from them to pay down your vaulting exit fees.

Secure Transport

Throughout the process we will ensure complete chain of custody of the assets. To determine which level of secure transport fits best for you, click here to learn more about the different levels of service we can offer for Secure Transport.