Archival Headaches

Is Your Storage Footprint Growing
Faster than Your Budget?

Convert Your Old Tape Media

Reduce Physical Footprint Extend Your Archival Life
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Media Conversion

Convert Your Legacy Tapes & Reduce Your Storage Footprint

Looking to reduce storage costs for your archive or off-site legacy tapes? Is your data retention period so great that its forcing you to stockpile archival data well beyond the useful life of the hardware used to write it?

Whether you're dealing with the ever-increasing slotting fees from an off-site storage facility, or looking to reduce the physical footprint that your legacy tapes occupy within your own facility, we can help by converting your legacy media to the tape format of your choice.

You'll no longer need to maintain the legacy hardware systems required to read this media, freeing up valuable space in your environment. And you'll be able to put an end to managing an exhausting count of archived volsers – or even worse, having to manage legacy tapes that aren't even bar-coded…

Common Tape Formats Supported for Media Conversion:

  • LTO
  • T10000
  • 3592
  • DLT & SDLT
  • AIT
  • Magstar 3570
  • 3480, 3490, 3590
  • 8mm / Mammoth
  • 4mm / DAT
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