Inventory Management

Inventory Management

See where all devices are located and understand how much capacity (power, cooling, weight and space) is available and consumed at any point in the data center based on faceplate or de-rated values.

Site Manager

You can rack and report on the health of facility--‐critical devices and using information on power, cooling and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, airflow and leak detection. Its customizable notification and threshold validation functions allow users to focus on active alarms that need to be attended to immediately, thus enabling the effective and efficient use of support personnel.

Change Planner

Learn how you can plan, assign, execute and audit changes in the data center, faster and more intelligently,

automatically sending notifications to assigned teams.

Energy Insight

Observe the unified and practical Energy Insight dashboard that allows managers to view current and historical efficiency metrics, as well as calculate both consumption and costs.

Process Manager

Maintain complete, accurate and current inventory information using work processes. Analyze and report on current request loads, historical performance and future demands. Align personnel with future demand.

Power Systems Manager

 Be assured you can forestall outages, manage and expose power system dependencies using 1-line diagrams and

downstream device dependency maps with complete views into system resource utilization and capacity.

Mobile Suite

Analyze, audit, provision and respond to alerts from your data center equipment while on the data center floor or on the go.

Thermal System Manager

The Thermal System Manager module provides thermal management for the dynamic and often complex data center environment. As part of the Enterprise Solution, this module provides monitoring, reporting and alarm management for the entire mechanical chain from chillers and cooling towers to CRAC and CRAH cooling units.