Certified T10000 & T2 Media

Certified T10000 & T2 Media

Graham Certified T10000 & T10000 T2 Cartridges
-- Lowest single-track error rates
-- Exceed industry standards for quality
-- Guaranteed for 10 years
-- Green quality you can depend on

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Product description

Graham Magnetics is proud to extend the life of these products and to make a significant positive impact on our environment. By giving these tapes a second life, Graham and its customers help save natural resources, use much less energy, and keep massive quantities of non biodegradable plastic and metals from our earth’s landfills.

We test every tape full length, on production drives to ensure performance per Industry Standards for new tape media. We are so confident in our testing process that all of our certified media is marked with the Graham Quality Trademark.

Labeled and Initialized Media
All T10000 & T2 cartridges can be labeled and initialized at the same time of purchase to work immediately with most popular operating systems. Performing this necessary step in the factory, saves your data center both time and money.

Characteristics of Certified Media
– Usable used media – 100% of old data removed prior to certification process
– All existing serial and library labels removed
– Each tape is physically inspected to assure performance characteristics are not compromised
– Each individual tape is certified with a binary test to assure high quality performance per our published specifications – to meet Industry standards for new tape
– Tapes that do not pass the rigorous Graham Magnetics requirements of physical and performance standards are degaussed and destroyed
– All tape media is packaged to provide the same shipping protection and appearance as new tape
– Each certified tape from Graham Magnetics is date stamped when tested

Using our certified cartridges saves customers significantly on media purchases, and since each cartridge is tested for damage as well as error activity, certified media is often reported to run ‘better than new.’ The only differences, besides the significant cost savings, the great Green Initiative contribution, is that the data center will notice a decrease in tape related problems.

Product Specification

T10000 A Drive (768 tracks) 500 GB
T10000 B Drive (1152 tracks) 1.0 TB
T10000 C Drive (3584 tracks) 5.0 TB
T10000 D Drive (4608 tracks) 8.5 TB

Physical Properties
Length, nominal (meters) 917 (3008 feet), 1147 (3763 feet) (T2)
Width 10.90 cm (4.29 inch)
Height 2.54 cm (1.0 inch)
Servo Tracks factory prerecorded, do not degauss

Media Life Properties
Loads/Unloads 15000, 25000 (T2)
Archival Life 30 Years

Operating Properties
Uncorrected Bit Error Rate 1X10^19
Permanent Errors Zero

General Properties
Formulation Advanced Metal Particle, Barium Ferrite (T2)
Substrate Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), Aramid (T2)

Environmental Conditions, nominal
Temperature – Operating 50 to 113 F (10 to +45 C)
Storage archive 50 to 90 F (10 to 32 C)
Storage up to four weeks 59 to 79 F (15 to 26 C)
Shipping -9 to +120 F (-23 to +49 C)