About us

Graham Magnetics, headquartered in Graham, TX, began its operations in 1966. Graham has enjoyed a long history in the manufacturer of world class tape media storage products including such recognized brands as Graham, Epoch and Memorex. Most recently Graham was the last manufacturer of open reel (9-track) tape media in the world.

Our history

1964 - Graham, TX is chosen site of new computer tape plant and chartered as Datatape Corp.
1965 - Ground is broken for first magnetic tape manufacturing facility in Texas. Company name, Graham Magnetics, Inc., is adopted.
1966 - New 25,000 square foot plant is formally dedicated. New production operations begin, and 'Verituf', the world's first million-pass computer tape, is introduced.
1971 - Graham is recognized as 4th largest producer of computer tapes in the United States.
1981 - U.S. Department of Commerce presents the President's 'E' award to Graham for outstanding performance in exporting American products.
1987 - Graham is one of only three companies presented the Presidential 'E' Star Award for continued success in exporting American products.
1993 - Graham becomes the largest producer of open reel (9-track) tape in the world.
2001 - Graham announced the end-of-life for open reel (9-track) tape media.

We Deal

Graham Certified Tape is used tape that is erased, physically inspected then individually, full length tested on tape drives to assure that each tape meets new tape performance criteria. Graham’s testing process utilizes our proprietary software to ensure that tapes we produce meet our published specifications for each media type.

Why Choose Graham Certified Media?

100% individual, full length Certification.
10 year written warranty
All tape is tested to meet NEW tape performance criteria
Save users up to 50% from the cost of new tape
We have been a manufacturer of media for over 40 years
Graham offers full technical support
Labeled and dated as Graham Certified for easy recognition
All media is degaussed or eradicated to assure it is blank before testing
Buying Graham Certified Media Enhances Your Recycling Programs ‘Green Initiatives’

Graham Certified Media is great for the environment.
Buying recycled magnetic media helps ‘close the re-cycling loop’ by putting the materials back to good use
Buying Graham Certified media supports your company’s ‘Green Initiatives’.
Ask how you can receive your Green Contribution Certificate from Graham Magnetics”

The core of our Media Management Program is to maximize data center productivity and minimize budgetary expenditures while reducing waste in effort to promote ‘Green’ initiatives.

On-site Data Eradication – Graham will send equipment and personnel to your site to completely eradicate data from tapes to meet your security requirements. Once data has been removed users can be confident their surplus tapes are clear of any previously written data and can be re-deployed to other data centers or sold to Graham for credit toward the purchase of new or Graham Certified media.

  • Re-deployment – Re-test, Re-label, Re-initialize, etc. retired tapes from one facility to supply another location. Typical savings is about half the price of buying new media.
  •  Copy/convert data from one media type to another format to meet ongoing requirements
  •  Data Recovery – in the event you cannot read tapes, Graham has extensive data recovery expertise.
  •  Technical Consulting – As industry experts, Graham Magnetics provides a host of Technical Consulting Services. From troubleshooting media issues when drive and tape manufacturers do not agree on the reason for a tape failure to providing specialized software and hardware to maximize productivity. Our goal is to get you up and running quickly, whatever the issue. Graham Magnetics can most likely identify the problem and will work with you and your providers to resolve any issues in a timely manner so your data center can once again run efficiently.Other services include Secure Electronic Vaulting (Cloud Computing), Virtual Business Continuity, Deep (long term) Archive, Media Buyback Programs, Library Scans/Audits and Media and Hard Drive Destruction

OnDemand™ combines cloud computing solutions with rich customization to create environments previously unattainable in the cloud.

RAM, CPU and storage are intentionally combined to result in the best performance and reliability attainable. We then overlay deep network customization to ensure throughput is optimal. The outcome is a cloud environment that performs as if it were in-house, yet with the added benefits of continuous scalability, redundancy, and management.

OnDemand™ is perfect for everyday use or BCDRaaS, and brings clients the highest level of uptime and flexibility for their computing environment and applications.

A variety of Firewall Protection and Managed Intrusion Services are also available under our Cloud umbrella.

Physical Storage – DataVault™ is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as a Service (BCDRaaS) solution that replicates physical and/or virtual environments in real-time. Data can be pulled back in minutes, while compute resources are seamlessly brought online, ensuring that productivity is never compromised.

With DataVault™, you choose specifically the type of BCDR environment you would like to create, and then we’ll design, deploy, and manage it. Options for customization include:

  • Number of Recovery Sites
  • Type of Recovery (Data, Servers, or Both)
  • Which Applications are Most Critical
  • Retention
  • Compliance Requirements

DataVault™ was designed to be used with most existing environments, including IBM.

Regardless of the size of your organization or the amount of data you have, DataVault™ can be customized to meet your budget and uptime goals.

Enhance your tape processing productivity, save budget money and contribute to your company’s Green initiatives by using Graham Certified tape.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?   NEW TAPE from the original manufacturer is only BATCH TESTED (maybe 1 in 100 or the first 100 feet of a tape). Graham Magnetics tests the full length of each and every cartridge to assure each tape complies with new tape performance standards.  (This same process is used when providing redeployment of a company’s existing tape.)

If you have surplus tapes, have Graham Magnetics provide On Site Eradication Services or Secure Shipment to our Graham, Texas facility and either Buy Back your Surplus Media, or Re-Deploy it to another of your locations. Either way you are promoting Green initiatives by keeping this material out of landfills. Plus, the energy saved through this ‘recycling’ process can add up to a substantial amount of money applied toward meeting your company’s ‘Green’ initiatives.

The experts at Graham Magnetics provide a wide variety of Technical Services. These services include specialized consulting to troubleshoot media failures that include working with customers when their system rejects tapes for no apparent reason.  Regardless of the reason for tape failure, or whether or not the tapes came from Graham, our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Graham Magnetics can usually identify the problem and will work with you and your providers to resolve the issue in a timely manner and quickly restore you operation to a productive level.

Graham has a history of working with users who have unique requirements. Our proposed solutions often lead to Graham providing a new service or in some cases may lead to the installation of specialized hardware and software to meet that unique requirement.

The information shown here is based on some of the most common requests that we have received and is meant to provide insight for the various topics shown. From the Tape Specification Matrix to articles that address questions about Graham Certified Tape Quality, we also address Processes and Compliance and the US Government (GAO) article about the safety of eradicating and selling tapes. We hope you will find this information useful.

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